Property Division: Protecting Your Assets, Income and Property in Divorce

The division of property is difficult for any divorcing couple. While combining assets and income during a marriage may establish a financially stable household, the division of finances could be extremely disruptive to both parties. At Hubeny & Zaba, LLC, in Westmont, Illinois, our highly experienced family law attorneys will assist in handling division of property on behalf of our clients. We will assess your individual situation and develop an appropriate response to protect your rights and security after divorce.

Marital Versus Nonmarital Property and Division of Assets

In the State of Illinois, property will be separated into "marital" and "nonmarital." Marital property will be divided between both parties while any nonmarital property will be left to the respective owner. One difficult aspect of dividing property is determining how to qualify these assets. Any property acquired during the marriage (from the day of the wedding until the divorce is finalized) will be considered marital. Any property that was brought into the marriage or acquired before is considered nonmarital. Our divorce attorneys are experienced with the division of:

  • Income and assets
  • Stocks and bonds
  • Mutual funds
  • Military pensions
  • Real estate property
  • Retirement accounts
  • Credit cards, school loans and other debts
  • Inheritance or judgments
  • Vehicles

Debt and Divorce

In the current economy, many couples face not only an issue of dividing assets, but also the division of debt. Our divorce lawyers understand the complexity of these cases, including how timing can affect your financial positioning during and after a divorce. We will review your individual assets, debts and income, as well as develop a strategic approach and help you protect your interests. If you have overwhelming debt in a marriage, you want an attorney who can help you gain firm financial footing after divorce.

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