Repeat & Felony DUI: A Repeat DUI Charge Requires Knowledgeable Legal Defense

Defendants charged with a repeat DUI offense face very different penalties than first-time offenders. In many cases, these penalties can be extreme, particularly if there are aggravating circumstances associated with the arrest. At Hubeny & Zaba, LLC, in Westmont, Illinois, we are attorneys experienced in complex criminal defense cases, including repeat DUI defense. Our DUI lawyers will review the facts of your case, determine an appropriate course of action, and aggressively defend your interests and rights.

Penalties Associated With Repeat And Felony DUI

The state of Illinois has a "look back" period of 10 years, meaning that the courts will review your record for the previous decade to determine if your arrest qualifies as a repeat or felony offense. Any case involving a repeat offense, including second, third, or felony offense could result in automatic license suspension, jail time and stiff fines, as well as a damaging criminal record.

Our Westmont repeat DUI defense attorneys will examine the facts of your case to challenge the underlying charges in your case. We will also explore other options to minimize the consequences of a conviction, including application for a hardship license and the option of plea bargain to minimize your charges and sentence. DUI penalties may include:

  • One-year minimum license suspension for first-time offenders
  • Three-year mandatory suspension for second and repeat offenders
  • Increased penalties for any property damage
  • Increased penalties for personal injury
  • Increased penalties for driving with a minor

Do I Need An Attorney For Repeat Drunk Driving Defense?

While a first-time DUI defense can be handled more informally, a repeat offense demands the attention of an experienced attorney. Without a lawyer who has a clear understanding of the law and your rights, you could face very serious penalties that could impact your ability to work, your family, and your future.

If you have refused field sobriety testing or a Breathalyzer, and are found guilty of DUI, you could also face a longer suspension and increased penalties. It is extremely important to contact a DUI attorney as soon as possible.

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