Illinois DUI Process: What To Expect When You Are Arrested For Drunk Driving

Following a DUI arrest, you may not know where to turn, how to expect your case to progress or what steps you should take to protect your rights. At Hubeny & Zaba, LLC, in Westmont, Illinois, our DUI lawyers have extensive experience handling a wide range of complex cases involving DUI and criminal offenses. We will take the time to review the facts, explain your rights and obligations, and help you defeat your charges or obtain the best possible results in your case.

We Help Protect Your Rights

Generally, a defendant will be pulled over, given field sobriety test and tested for blood alcohol level. If there is enough probable cause, the defendant will be charged and taken to jail, and the car will be seized and towed. Generally, a defendant will have to post bond and then a court date will be set in around a month. The appearance will be mandatory for the arrested party.

If you want to contest a DUI or offer a plea agreement, you want an experienced criminal attorney who can effectively assess the evidence in your case and leverage your rights in court. Our lawyers have extensive experience in the DUI process and the courts, and have an in-depth understanding of the criminal justice system. We will take every necessary step to minimize penalties in your case. Our attorneys will:

  • Review and assess evidence in your case
  • Appear throughout the process to prevent self-incrimination
  • Conduct an independent investigation on your behalf
  • Work with experts when necessary to challenge evidence against you
  • Plea bargain with prosecutors to minimize your charges and penalties if applicable
  • Handle administrative action to protect your license
  • Appear at trial on your behalf
  • Aggressively fight charges and penalties in your case

Experienced DUI Arrest Lawyer

If arrested and charged with a DUI, you may face serious penalties, including loss of license, jail time, installation of interlock ignition device in your vehicle, significant fines, and a lasting criminal record. We will work to reduce sentencing and penalties in your case, exploring every opportunity in your defense.

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