Sports and Entertainment

Sports and entertainment law is probably one of the most misunderstood and difficult areas of the law to define. This is because sports and entertainment law is not in itself a legal field, but rather, a combination of several other areas of law. While many people immediately associate athlete/artist representation or high-profile litigation when they hear sports and entertainment law, it actually is much more inclusive.

While "sports and entertainment law" defies a precise definition, our sports and entertainment lawyers have provided many services in several areas of law for athletes, artists, organizations, and leagues, such as:

Contract Law

  • Negotiating, drafting, and enforcing contracts
  • Drafting contests, sweepstakes, and ticket back language
  • Reviewing venue and sponsorship agreements and leases
  • Drafting employment contracts and liability waivers and releases for volunteers, team personnel, and event participants

Intellectual Property

Researching, preparing, and filing of federal copyright and trademark applications on behalf of artists, leagues, and organizations

  • Assisting clients with avoiding infringement, abandonment, or dilution of their trademark or copyright
  • Negotiating and drafting a purchase, sale, and licensing agreements associated with trademarks and copyrights
  • Reviewing advertising and other marketing materials to ensure proper utilization and protection of intellectual property


Representing athletes and artists in contract negotiations, personal appearance fees, sponsorship opportunities, and business endeavors

  • Drafting and enforcing promissory notes, personal guarantees, and letters of credit
  • Representing clients in criminal and civil matters as they arise
  • Provide general corporate services to teams, leagues, organizations, and groups

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